PET sheet blister packaging

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PET sheet blister packaging

Source: shpusite.comPosted On: May 17, 2024

PET blister is a blister product made of PET sheets through a vacuum forming process.

PET blister packaging is hard, tough, high strength, bright surface, non-ignitable, PET blister packaging is environmentally friendly and can reach food grade, PET blister packaging has transparent and multi-color sheets.

PET sheet blister packaging

PET blister packaging is resistant to grease, dilute acid and alkali, and most solvents. PET blister packaging also has excellent high and low temperature resistance, can be used for a long time in the range of 120 degrees Celsius, can withstand high temperature of 150 degrees Celsius in short-term use, and can withstand low temperatures of -70 degrees Celsius, and its mechanical properties are affected at high and low temperatures. Small.

Blister packaging raw material PET sheet

There are many kinds of raw materials for blister packaging, the most common ones are PP sheet, PET sheet, PVC sheet, PS sheet, etc.

PET sheet has the characteristics of good transparency, small specific gravity, good surface gloss, bright color, less crystal point and water ripple, toughness, impact resistance, chemical resistance and easy processing.

PET sheetPET sheet

Advantages of PET sheet

1. Bending resistance, good performance, high impact strength, several times that of ordinary materials.

2. Not easy to react with other chemicals.

3. Water, liquid, edible oil and gas are easily blocked and not easily penetrated.

4. Transparent color, anti-ultraviolet penetration.

5. No questions asked, non-toxic, can be directly used for food packaging.

PET blister packaging has good toughness, high strength, high transparency, and can be recycled and reused. PET blister packaging is easy to burn, does not produce harmful gases when burning, and is an environmentally friendly material.

However, PET blister packaging has a high thermal melting point, which brings great difficulties to packaging. In order to solve this problem, people compound a layer of PVC film on the surface of PET, named PETG, but the price is higher.

PET blister packaging is mainly used in electronics, food, toys, color box windows, collars, footwear industries, etc. APET is the best PET blister packaging material. The PET blister packaging made of this material has good mechanical properties, the impact strength is 3-5 times that of other films, and the folding resistance is good.

PET packaging

Advantages of PET blister packaging

1. PET blister packaging has excellent transparency and smoothness, and the display effect is good.

2. PET blister packaging has excellent surface decoration performance, can be printed without surface treatment, easy to emboss patterns, easy to metallize (vacuum metallization)

3. PET blister packaging has good mechanical strength.

4. PET blister packaging has good barrier properties to oxygen and water vapor.

5. PET blister packaging has good chemical resistance and can withstand the erosion of various chemical substances.

6. PET blister packaging is non-toxic and has reliable hygienic performance. It can be used for the packaging of food, medicine and medical equipment, and can be sterilized by Y-ray.

7. PET blister packaging has good adaptability to environmental protection and can be recycled economically and conveniently. When the waste is incinerated, no harmful substances are produced that endanger the environment. PET blister packaging sheet is considered to be an ideal packaging material that meets (ROSH) environmental protection requirements.