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  • What do the numbers on plastic packaging products mean?

    Plastic products such as cups, boxes, and trays can be seen everywhere in life. We often see numbers 1 to 7 on plastic products. What do these seven numbers represent?

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  • PET sheet blister packaging

    PET blister is a blister product made of PET sheets through a vacuum forming process.

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  • What is blister packaging?

    Blister is the process of heating, vacuum forming, cooling and other processes of PVC, PS, PET and other resin sheets in a blister molding machine to make it according to the shape of the mold, and then stamping it into a single product with a knife die o

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  • Can PETG material replace PET?

    Compared with PET, the biggest feature of PETG is that PETG conforms to the concept of environmental protection and food FDA certification.

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  • PS sheet blister packaging

    PS blister is a blister product made of PS sheet through a vacuum blister forming process. The production principle of the product is to heat the flat blister hard sheet material to soften it, adsorb it on the surface of the blister packaging mold with va

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