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  • Reuse of PET Recycled Material (rPET)

    With the help of the KHS Group, Eckes-Granini is making its packaging portfolio more environmentally friendly. Since mid-May 2021, its 1L hohes C juice bottle has been made entirely of recycled plastic (rPET).

    Since 2018, the German company Eckes-Grani

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  • Hot search first! Coca-Cola Sprite announces permanent abandonment of iconic green bottle

    Sprite's current plastic packaging contains green polyethylene terephthalate (PET), removing color from bottles can improve the quality of recycled materials, after recycling, clear PET Sprite bottles can be remade into bottles, help drive a circular eco

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  • The use of different transparency PP plastic sheets

    These include PP natural color, PP natural color transparent, PP high transparent plastic sheet and PP sheet in other colors. The characteristics of the products produced by each PP material are different, and the uses are also different

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  • PET series plastic sheet products

    The polyester sheet series includes PETG, APET, CPET, etc., which are new sheet products developed and developed rapidly in recent years.

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  • About Anti -UV transparent PET plastic sheet

    Anti -ultraviolet PET plastic sheet can block ultraviolet light, avoid damage, and extend the service life. Widely used in the packaging of cosmetics, food, electronics, toys, toys...

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