Conductive PET plastic sheet

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Conductive PET plastic sheet

Source: shpusite.comPosted On: May 17, 2024

PET sheet is a thermoplastic environmentally friendly plastic product, which is odorless and tasteless after burning, and does not produce toxic gas. High transparency, no water ripples on the surface, no crystal points, good impact strength (impact strength at low temperature is also good, about 20% higher than the PVC standard). For blister, folding box, packaging, printing, card making, etc.

PET plastic sheet has been widely used in production and life. It is a kind of polymer material with good electrical insulation performance, and its resistivity is in the range of about 1012-1020Ω. However, when used as a non-electrical insulating material, the surface is easily rubbed to generate static electricity. Static electricity will affect the appearance of products, damage electronic components, and even cause accidents such as fire, explosion, and electric shock.

PET plastic sheet

The above problems can be eliminated by adding antistatic agents to PET plastics. The antistatic agent can form a conductive layer on the surface of the material, reduce the resistance, and form a conductive network to transfer the charge, so that the charge can be prevented from staying on the surface of the material and forming static electricity. On the other hand, antistatic agents can also lubricate the surface of the material and reduce the coefficient of friction, thereby inhibiting and reducing the generation of static charges.

The built-in type is that the antistatic agent is compounded into the resin and evenly distributed in the polymer. After processing, the antistatic agent molecules migrate outward and form an antistatic layer. When the antistatic layer on the surface is missing or damaged, the internal antistatic agent molecules can continue to migrate and replenish, so it has a continuous antistatic effect, and the index can reach 109Ω.

The coating type is to uniformly coat the surface of the sheet with the polymer antistatic agent. The ideal distribution state is that the antistatic agent is finely distributed in the matrix resin, and its shape is rib-like or net-like, forming a path for leaking charges. The realization of this distribution state depends on the compatibility and processing conditions of the polymer antistatic agent and the matrix resin. Select the most suitable compatibilizer to adjust the particle size of the antistatic agent, and control the shear rate and processing temperature to make the parent component and the dispersed phase have a suitable viscosity difference. In the microdomain structure controlled in this way, the antistatic agent forms a good "conducting path", and the ideal index can reach 105Ω.

Antistatic PET sheet. Adhering the self-adhesive (low, medium, high) PET sheet protective film to the liquid crystal surface of the display screen can prevent the reflection of the liquid crystal surface, reduce eye fatigue, and can protect the liquid crystal surface from scratches and prevent dust from entering .

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