Properties of PE/PET/PE Composite Plastic Sheets

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Properties of PE/PET/PE Composite Plastic Sheets

Source: shpusite.comPosted On: May 17, 2024

PE/PET/PE composite plastic sheet is a composite material of high-strength polyester material PE and PET, with good tensile strength, impact resistance and puncture resistance. Its function is very extensive, and its adaptability is also very strong, which is convenient for high-speed mechanized operation. Next, let's take a look at the performance of PE/PET/PE composite sheet.

PET/PE plastic sheet PET/PE composite plastic sheet uses

1. Excellent mechanical properties
PE/PET/PE composite sheet has good tensile strength, impact resistance, puncture resistance and other properties due to the use of high-strength polyester material, plus appropriate friction coefficient and good flatness, making it suitable for It has better performance and is convenient for high-speed mechanized operation.

2. Has good heat sealability
Many types of films, such as stretched polypropylene, polyester, etc., have poor heat-sealing properties, but when combined with polyethylene with excellent heat-sealing properties, the heat-sealing properties can be greatly improved. PE/PET/PE composite sheet has good heat sealability because polyethylene material is still used in the surface layer.

3. Excellent adaptability
Because of its excellent mechanical properties and good heat sealability, PE/PET/PE composite sheet has better adaptability.

4. Has good barrier properties
PE/PET/PE composite sheet uses high-barrier polyester material, so it has good air tightness, moisture resistance, heat resistance, anti-ultraviolet permeability and other properties, which can more effectively protect the contents of the package .

5. Has excellent commodity performance
PE/PET/PE composite film Due to the use of polyester material with excellent printability, the composite film has good transparency, gloss, good printability, and good rigidity and crispness. The printing surface is on PET, which will not fade after compounding, and will not be stained by the solvent in the package. The shelf effect is good, and it will definitely meet the requirements of different customers.

6. Excellent economy
Although PE/PET/PE composite plastic sheets use multi-layer composite packaging materials and more complex production processes, the price of the same weight is relatively high. However, under the premise of improving comprehensive performance, the amount of plastic film used in packaging is reduced. At the same time, due to the heat resistance of the polyester layer, the sealing is no longer limited to bead welding, but can be directly used with hot air or a welding knife, which ultimately greatly reduces the total cost of use for users.

7. Has excellent performance on the machine
PE/PET/PE composite plastic sheet is made of high-strength polyester material. After years of production experience, the surface heat-sealing layer adopts and controls a special formula, so it has good tensile strength, suitable friction coefficient and good The flatness of the machine makes it more adaptable and ensures the smooth and smooth running of the machine in the high-speed mechanized operation.