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  • Blister products eco-friendly - PET plastic sheet

    PET sheet is gradually favored by consumers and producers due to its excellent toughness, high strength, high transparency, recyclability and excellent environmental protection performance that does not produce harmful gases during combustion.

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  • High barrier EVOH composite plastic sheet

    In terms of packaging materials, EVOH has excellent gas barrier properties, which can significantly prolong the storage time of food and improve the aroma retention of food.

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  • What do the numbers on plastic packaging products mean?

    Plastic products such as cups, boxes, and trays can be seen everywhere in life. We often see numbers 1 to 7 on plastic products. What do these seven numbers represent?

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  • PET sheet blister packaging

    PET blister is a blister product made of PET sheets through a vacuum forming process.

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  • What is blister packaging?

    Blister is the process of heating, vacuum forming, cooling and other processes of PVC, PS, PET and other resin sheets in a blister molding machine to make it according to the shape of the mold, and then stamping it into a single product with a knife die o

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  • Can PETG material replace PET?

    Compared with PET, the biggest feature of PETG is that PETG conforms to the concept of environmental protection and food FDA certification.

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  • PS sheet blister packaging

    PS blister is a blister product made of PS sheet through a vacuum blister forming process. The production principle of the product is to heat the flat blister hard sheet material to soften it, adsorb it on the surface of the blister packaging mold with va

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  • What are the applications of PP sheet?

    PP sheets can be made into various products through secondary processing such as thermoforming, and are mainly used for packaging of food, medicine, medical equipment, etc.

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  • What are the Uses of PET Sheets?

    PET sheet is a new type of plastic product recently developed in recent years, so what is the difference between it and our traditional plastic? First of all, the production process of this material is more complicated. It is produced through a series of

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  • What is the PP Material Characteristics and PP Material Application?

    There are a lot of materials that we don’t know are widely used in daily life, such as PP materials, household utensils and containers such as plastic bowls, cups, boxes, etc. are all made of PP materials, so in the end PP What material is it? h

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  • Analysis of PET Film Quality Problems

    One: The color is yellowish or grayish. Or there are yellow bars

    PET film, especially when it is rolled into a reel, the color is yellow or gray. It can be seen with the naked eye. If there are yellow bars, you must unfold the film or observe the light

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  • What is the difference between PET and PVC?

    Polyester resin (PET), appearance: transparent. Flammability: flammable, keep burning away from the flame. The near flame shrinks and burns, and it can continue to burn away from the flame. A few have smoke, with a small sweet taste, and the ashes are har

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  • How to Avoid Yellowing of PET Sheet?

    When it comes to PET sheet, most people will be relatively unfamiliar, but they don't know that it has a wide range of uses. PET sheet is a kind of thermoplastic environmental protection plastic product, which is widely used for packaging in cosme

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  • Introduction of PET Plastic

    PET plastic has excellent abrasion resistance, dimensional stability and electrical insulation. PET bottles have high strength, good transparency, harmlessness, anti-permeation, light weight, high production efficiency, etc., so they have been widely used

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