What do the numbers on plastic packaging products mean?

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What do the numbers on plastic packaging products mean?

Source: shpusite.comPosted On: May 17, 2024

Plastic products such as cups, boxes, and trays can be seen everywhere in life. We often see numbers 1 to 7 on plastic products. What do these seven numbers represent?

Number 1 - PET Plastic

The item numbered 1 in the plastic product is made of PET plastic, and the raw material of PET plastic is polyethylene terephthalate. Generally, the packaging bottles of mineral water and carbonated drinks that we buy in the market are made of this plastic!

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The packaging bottle made of this material is heat-resistant to 70 ° C, and is only suitable for beverages with low temperature or room temperature. Because if the plastic bottle of this material encounters high temperature, it will be easily deformed, and the substances that are toxic and harmful to the human body will be dissolved, causing huge harm to human health!


And this kind of plastic bottle can not be stored or used for a long time. Because scientists have found that PET plastic products are very easy to release carcinogens after being used or placed for more than ten months, which is very toxic to the human body. Therefore, for plastic products with a number of 1, it is best to throw them away after use, and do not use them twice, so as not to cause health problems!

Number 2 - HDPE Plastic

The number 2 represents HDPE plastic (ie high-density polyethylene), which is often used to make packaging containers for bath products. Plastic bags in supermarkets are also made of this material. This material has very good high temperature resistance. After reaching 110 °C, it is possible to dissolve harmful substances!

In addition, many food plastic bags are also made of this material, and the plastic containers made of this material can be used repeatedly. However, this kind of container is very troublesome to clean, and it is prone to residual phenomenon, so it is not recommended to recycle!

Number 3 - PVC Plastic

PVC plastic is also known as polyvinyl chloride, which is also known as toxic plastic. This kind of plastic product is not suitable for making catering containers, because when encountering high temperature, these plastics will dissolve a large amount of toxic and harmful substances, which can easily increase the risk of cancer!

There are two sources of toxins in this plastic, one is the monomolecular vinyl chloride that is not fully polymerized during the production process, and the other is the harmful substances in the plasticizer! And these two substances are not resistant to high temperature, so the tableware made of this plastic is what we often call carcinogenic plastic tableware, we must pay attention to it in life!

Number 4 - LDPE Plastic

LDPE plastic is made of low-density polyethylene, and the plastic wrap and plastic film that we often use in our daily life are made of this material. This kind of plastic is not strong in heat, and usually qualified plastic films on the market will be hot-melted after being heated, leaving a lot of plastic preparations that cannot be decomposed by the human body.

However, many people ignore such a situation in their lives. They cover the food with plastic film or cling film and heat it in a microwave oven. However, at high temperatures, the harmful substances in these plastic films can easily penetrate into the food. Be sure to remove these plastic wraps when heating food!

In addition, there are also some plastic wraps that are not made of LDPE plastic. These wraps often contain a lot of harmful substances. Therefore, when choosing wraps in life, be sure to read the numbers on the wraps. This way It can effectively protect your health and reduce the chance of damage to your body!

Number 5 - PP Plastic

PP plastic is made of polypropylene. This plastic has excellent high temperature resistance, up to 130 ° C. It is the only plastic that can be heated in a microwave oven among all plastic products. It is also a plastic that can be used repeatedly after cleaning. Most of the microwave plastic lunch boxes in life are made of this plastic!

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But there is one thing to pay special attention to. The box body of some microwave lunch boxes is made of No. 5 PP plastic, but the lid is indeed made of No. 6 PS plastic, and No. 6 plastic cannot be heated in a microwave oven. Therefore, it is best to remove the box cover when heating in life, so as to effectively prevent the plastic lunch box from dissolving toxic and harmful substances!

Number 6 - PS Plastic

PS plastic is made of polystyrene. The common bowls of instant noodle boxes, foam fast food boxes, etc. in life are all made of this material. This material is resistant to heat and cold, but it's important not to put it in the microwave because the plastic releases a lot of chemicals in the microwave!

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In addition, it is not suitable for strong acid and alkali food. Because of these two kinds of food, the lunch box will decompose polystyrene, which will cause damage to human health. Therefore, in life, you should try to avoid packing these foods with fast food boxes to prevent damage to the body!

Number 7 - PC and other types

PC is a widely used material. Baby bottles commonly used by babies, space cups and other items in life are all made of PC materials. But it has been controversial because of the presence of bisphenol A in this material. Experts point out that theoretically, if bisphenol A can be converted into plastic 100%, it means that there is no bisphenol A in the finished product. But if there is a small amount of bisphenol A that is not converted into a plastic structure, it will release substances that are harmful to the body at high temperatures!

Plastic products have their own numbers, and these numbers represent the materials from which they are made. By understanding these materials and avoiding the wrong way, we can keep ourselves safe from disease and danger. Therefore, when purchasing plastic products in the future, you may wish to take a look at the number at the bottom of the product, so that you can effectively avoid hazards in your life!

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