What are the applications of PP sheet?

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What are the applications of PP sheet?

Source: shpusite.comPosted On: May 17, 2024

PP sheet not only has high transparency, good barrier properties, low density, non-toxic and hygienic, but also can be recycled. PP sheet does not produce toxic and harmful gases when heated or burned, does not harm human health, and does not corrode equipment. It is a new type of green packaging material.

PP sheets   can be made into various products through secondary processing such as thermoforming, and are mainly used for packaging of food, medicine, medical equipment, etc. Such as processed into jelly boxes, dairy packaging boxes, fast food boxes, cold drink containers, trays, microwave oven appliances and other food-grade packaging. It can be processed into blister and can be used for the packaging of solid preparations such as pharmaceutical tablets and capsules.

Pattern of PP sheet

1) Transparent frosted, fine frosted, superfine frosted, coarse sand, mirror frosted.
2) One side is finely frosted, and one side is coarsely frosted.
3) Transparent sheet.
4) Double mirror surface.
5) Twill pieces.
6) The special ones are: chrysanthemum pattern, cloth pattern, cat's eye.
PP sheet

Application of PP sheet

1) Stationery categories include: PP folder, PP file bag, PP business card case, PP briefcase, PP pencil case, PP pen holder, PP information booklet, PP paging card, PP separator sheet, PP notebook cover, PP book holder, PP writing board, PP wall calendar, PP desk calendar, PP advertising umbrella, PP mouse pad, PP stationery portable box and other stationery products.

2) Gift categories are: PP gift box, PP cosmetic box, PP gift bag, PP handbag, PP handbag bottom lining, PP lining strip, PP glasses case, PP glasses display stand, PP toy packaging box, PP tissue box and other packaging.

3) Food categories include: PP placemats, PP coasters, PP drinking cups, PP bowls, PP candy boxes, PP candy bags, PP wine boxes, PP wine bags, PP cutting boards, etc.

4) Lighting categories include: PP lampshade

5) Electronic products include: PP electronic interlayer board, PP electronic packaging box, etc.

6) Shoes and clothing categories include: PP clothing boxes, PP clothing handbags, PP clothing drawing boards, PP clothing listings, etc.
PP shoe box, PP shoe lining, PP shoe pattern drawing board, etc.

7) Other PP products include: PP supermarket hanging strips, PP luggage listings, PP road signs, PP drawers, PP raincoat boxes, PP photo frames, etc.

PP sheet application

Features of PP sheet

Environmental protection, beautiful, can be screen printing, co-printing, bronzing, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, high transparency, bending resistance and easy folding, the product meets the food test standard (or not required), and can be microwaved.