What are the advantages of HIPS plastic rolls for cosmetic packaging?

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What are the advantages of HIPS plastic rolls for cosmetic packaging?

Source: shpusite.comPosted On: July 7, 2024

Advantages of HIPS plastic rolls for cosmetic packaging

HIPS plastic rolls (high impact polystyrene plastic sheet roll), is a commonly used plastic packaging material. It has the following advantages, making it an ideal choice for cosmetic packaging.

1. Durability: HIPS is known for its high impact resistance, making it ideal for packaging products that may be subjected to rough handling or drops. This ensures the cosmetic products remain intact and undamaged during transportation and use.

2. Aesthetic Appeal: HIPS can be easily molded and comes in various finishes, including glossy and matte. This allows for attractive packaging designs that can enhance the visual appeal of cosmetic products.

3. Printability: HIPS provides an excellent surface for printing, which is essential for branding and labeling. High-quality graphics and text can be easily applied, ensuring the packaging effectively communicates the product's brand and information.

4. Cost-Effective: Compared to other plastics, HIPS is relatively inexpensive, making it a cost-effective option for manufacturers without compromising quality.

5. Ease of Fabrication: HIPS is easy to fabricate and thermoform, allowing for the creation of complex shapes and designs. This flexibility is particularly useful for cosmetic packaging, where unique and custom designs are often desired.

6. Lightweight: HIPS is lightweight, which helps in reducing shipping costs and improving ease of handling for consumers.

7. Chemical Resistance: HIPS is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, ensuring that the packaging does not react with the cosmetic products it contains. This maintains the integrity and safety of the products.

8. Recyclability: HIPS is recyclable, making it a more environmentally friendly option compared to some other plastics. This is increasingly important as consumers and companies focus on sustainability.

9. Barrier Properties: HIPS offers good barrier properties against moisture and gases, which helps in preserving the shelf life and quality of cosmetic products.

These advantages make HIPS plastic rolls a popular choice for cosmetic packaging, balancing functionality, aesthetics, and cost-efficiency.

What is HIPS plastic rolls?

HIPS plastic rolls are rolls of High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) material that are wound into rolls for ease of transport, storage, and processing. HIPS is a versatile, cost-effective thermoplastic known for its toughness, impact resistance, and ease of fabrication.

High Impact Resistance: HIPS is designed to withstand impact, making it less likely to crack or break under stress.

Easy to Form: HIPS can be easily thermoformed, meaning it can be heated and shaped into a variety of forms and designs, making it highly versatile for different applications.

Lightweight: Despite its strength, HIPS is lightweight, which can reduce shipping costs and make handling easier.

Cost-Effective: HIPS is generally less expensive compared to other thermoplastics, making it a popular choice for large-scale production.

Product Name HIPS plastic roll
Material HIPS vacuum forming material , 100% raw material
Color Transparent,black,green or any customized color
Thickness Tolerance According to GB (higher than GB)
Application Vacuum forming packaging, Printing, Bending, Folding box, Cards,etc.
Width 300~1400mm or Customized
Thickness 0.15~3mm or Customized
Special Treatment Metalized, Anti-UV, Waterproof, Antistatic, Anti-fog, Frosted, Cold
resistance, Heat resistance, Double-sided Matte, Conductive.
Features 1.High temperature resistance, not easily melted
2.Easy to peel off and no residue requirement
3.Printable, good inking effect
4.Widely used in food and drug industry
5.Uniform thickness, smooth surface/beautiful sand ripples
6.No grains, contamination control and good processing performance
Sample Time 1-3 days
Delivery Methods Ocean shipping ,air transportation, express,land transportation
Payment Term Credit card ,T/T,L/C,Western Union,Paypal
Mass Production Lead Time 3-15 days depend on order quantity
Certificate ROHS,MSDS,TDS,SGS,ISO9001
Core Diameter 3 inch or 6 inch depend on customer requirement
Packing Packing in rolls and plastic pallet,pp woven with PE film and strape on pallet
for each roll

Packaging: Widely used in packaging for products that require durable, protective, and attractive packaging, such as cosmetic products, food containers, and electronic goods.

Household Items: Commonly found in products like refrigerator liners, vacuum cleaner parts, and other durable household goods.

Medical: Used for disposable medical products and trays due to its ease of sterilization and forming.

Extrusion: HIPS plastic rolls are typically produced through an extrusion process where the plastic is melted and forced through a die to create a continuous sheet.

Winding: The continuous sheet is then cooled and wound into rolls.

Custom Processing: These rolls can later be cut, printed, or thermoformed into the desired shapes and sizes as per the application requirements.

Pusite Advantages

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Sheet type Width mm Thickness mm Color Resistance value Ω
HIPS normal sheet 200-800 0.3-2 Any /
High impact HIPS Any /
HIPS black conductive 200-800 0.3-2 Black 10^4-10^6
HIPS black semi-conductive Black 10^6-10^9
HIPS black volume conductive Black 10^4-10^6
HIPS polymer sheet Any 10^8
HIPS anti-static sheet Any 10^9-10^11
HIPS coated sheet Any 10^3-10^9

Enhanced Aesthetics: Ability to create visually appealing packaging.

Protection: Provides robust protection for delicate cosmetic products.

Customization: Allows for custom shapes and designs to suit branding needs.

Efficiency: Streamlines production and reduces costs due to ease of processing and forming.

HIPS plastic rolls are a highly functional and economical material choice for a wide range of industries, particularly favored in applications where durability, printability, and cost-effectiveness are key considerations.

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