Pusite Black HIPS plastic sheet rolls sent to Vietnam

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Pusite Black HIPS plastic sheet rolls sent to Vietnam

Source: shpusite.comPosted On: May 30, 2024

About Vietnamese Customers

Our client in Vietnam is a renowned local packaging company, specializing in packaging for food, clothing, toys, daily necessities, pharmaceuticals, and electronic products. Every year, they purchase a large quantity of PET, PP, and HIPS plastic sheet rolls from us.

Recently, we received another order from this longstanding Vietnamese client for a custom batch of black HIPS plastic sheet rolls. The specifications for this batch are 1.2mm in thickness, 470mm in width, with each roll weighing 50kg, and a total of 50 rolls. The client primarily uses these HIPS plastic sheets to produce vacuum-formed trays, ensuring their products are of high quality, safe, and reliable.

About Black HIPS Plastic Sheet Rolls

Black High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) plastic sheet rolls are a versatile and widely used material known for their durability, ease of fabrication, and cost-effectiveness. They are particularly favored in various industries due to their excellent properties and adaptability to different applications.

Key Features

1. High Impact Resistance: black HIPS plastic sheet rolls are designed to withstand significant physical impacts, making them ideal for applications requiring robust and durable materials.

2. Excellent Thermoformability: These sheets can be easily thermoformed into various shapes, allowing for flexibility in design and manufacturing processes.

3. Good Mechanical Strength: HIPS provides a strong and sturdy structure, suitable for products that need to endure mechanical stress.

4. Chemical Resistance: Resistant to many chemicals, these sheets are suitable for use in environments where they may come into contact with oils, acids, or alkalis.

5. Cost-Effective: black HIPS plastic sheet roll is a more affordable option compared to other thermoplastics, making it a popular choice for large-scale production.

Common Applications

1. Electronic product packaging: Black HIPS plastic sheet rolls are used to package electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, calculators, etc., providing good protection and beautiful appearance.

2. Household appliance packaging: Black HIPS plastic sheet rolls are suitable for packaging small household appliances such as shavers, hair dryers, blenders, etc.

3. Food packaging: Although the food safety level of the material needs to be confirmed, Black HIPS plastic sheet rolls can be used for outer packaging of certain dry foods or non-direct food contact.

4. Toy packaging: Black HIPS plastic sheet rolls are suitable for blister packaging of various toys, which can well display the products and provide necessary protection.

5. Stationery packaging: For packaging of stationery products such as pens, rulers, scissors, etc., Black HIPS plastic sheet rolls provide sturdy and beautiful packaging solutions.

6. Hardware tool packaging: Blister packaging of hardware products such as small tools, screws, nails, etc.

7. Auto parts packaging: Black HIPS plastic sheet rolls are suitable for packaging of small auto parts such as light bulbs, fuses, car logos, etc.

8. Medical device packaging: Black HIPS plastic sheet rolls can be used for the outer packaging of some non-sterile medical devices such as syringes and thermometers.

About Delivery Site

Black HIPS plastic sheet rolls are chosen by customers because of their many advantages. The following are photos of our delivery site.

During the delivery process, our warehouse staff worked closely together, with clear division of labor and skilled movements. They neatly stacked the black HIPS plastic sheets according to specifications and used forklifts, pallets and other tools for efficient loading. The whole process was well-organized, without any errors or delays.

About Customer Evaluation

Our company has been cooperating with our Vietnamese clients for three years, maintaining a consistently good relationship. We always prioritize our clients, dedicating ourselves to providing high-quality products and services, which has earned their trust and recognition.

As a result, our Vietnamese clients have given high praise to the HIPS/PET/PP plastic sheet rolls we supply, commending their excellent quality and stable performance, which completely meet their expectations. Additionally, our professional service team has left a deep impression on them. The clients have expressed their intention to continue maintaining a long-term partnership with our company.

About Pusite - Manufacturer of Black HIPS Plastic Sheet Rolls

1. High-quality materials: Pusite uses premium raw materials to ensure that the produced black HIPS plastic rolls possess excellent physical and chemical properties, including high impact resistance and durability.

2. Advanced production equipment: Pusite has advanced production equipment and technology, enabling precise control over product thickness, color, and surface finish to ensure consistency and stability in product quality.

3. Rich experience: With years of experience in the plastic sheet industry, Pusite can flexibly adjust production processes according to customer needs, providing customized solutions.

4. Strict quality control: Pusite has established a strict quality control system, from raw material procurement to production processes, and through to finished product inspection. Each stage is rigorously monitored to ensure that products meet international standards and customer requirements.

5. Fast delivery: With efficient production processes and management, Pusite can quickly respond to customer orders, guaranteeing on-time delivery to meet customer production and market demands.

6. Environmental awareness: Pusite is committed to environmentally friendly production, utilizing green materials and processes to reduce pollution and waste emissions during production, aligning with modern environmental requirements.

7. Excellent customer service: Pusite has a professional service team that provides comprehensive technical support and after-sales service, assisting customers in resolving various issues encountered during product usage.

8. Competitive pricing: Through optimizing production processes and cost control, Pusite can offer competitive prices, creating higher value for customers.

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