Plastic sheet for blister products

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Plastic sheet for blister products

Source: shpusite.comPosted On: May 17, 2024

Blister is a production process in which PP, PET, PS and other plastic sheets are heated at high temperature and vacuum formed on the mold. Blister packaging is a general term for plastic products manufactured by the blister process, and the molded products are used to package related products. The raw materials of blister products are mainly PET, PP, PS, PETE and other plastic sheets.

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At present, there are many categories of blister packaging on the market, mainly electronic blister packaging, stationery blister packaging, toys blister packaging, hardware blister packaging, food blister packaging, daily chemical gift and handicraft blister packaging plastic packaging.

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Because the properties of PP, PET, PS, and PVC plastic sheets are different, the properties of the packaging boxes made from them are also different, and the packaged things will also be different. For example, PP, PET plastic sheet blister plastic boxes can be used to package food, fruits and vegetables, etc. The blister packaging boxes produced by PVC and PS plastic sheets are often used for packaging toys, stationery and other products.

As a food packaging blister product, it must be produced with a blister material that meets the national health standards to ensure non-toxic and green environmental protection. These packages are often used to package fresh fruit, candy, biscuits, etc. The most common is the PET plastic sheet blister packaging box, which has many advantages:

PET plastic sheet for food tray PET plastic sheet for cake box PET plastic sheet roll for blister

1. Light weight and good toughness. One of the main features of blister packaging materials is light weight and good toughness. It is more convenient during transportation and can also reduce crushing, which is unmatched by other packaging materials.
2. It has good barrier and permeability. Blister packaging boxes are widely used in food preservation packaging. According to their functions, there are gas barrier packaging, moisture-proof packaging, and waterproof packaging.
3. Good light transmittance. Since the blister packaging material can be transparent, the goods contained in it can be seen at a glance, which can attract the attention of consumers and is especially suitable for the requirements of sales packaging.
4. Low energy consumption and great advantages in environmental protection.
5. Environmental hygiene. Compared with pure polymer resin, blister packaging can be said to be non-toxic.

Plastic packaging boxes for assembling digital products, electronics and toys are usually made of PVC plastic sheets or PET plastic sheets. This type of packaging is mostly transparent, and is also called blister, half-folded, folded blister packaging, etc.

Electronic product trays, packaging for electronic components, and raw materials need to meet anti-static requirements. In addition to producing conventional PET, PP, PS plastic sheets, we also produce anti-static plastic sheets with electrical conductivity.

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