Blister products eco-friendly - PET plastic sheet

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Blister products eco-friendly - PET plastic sheet

Source: shpusite.comPosted On: May 17, 2024

Blister packaging products can be roughly divided into two categories in terms of functionality. One is a series of transparent products for the purpose of displaying, protecting and beautifying commodities. In addition, the packaged goods are mostly found in small department stores, which are placed or hung on the shelves of shopping malls. The raw materials used are mostly PET plastic sheets and PVC sheets with relatively good transparency. Products include: masks, card blister, suction card blister, heat-sealed double blister, half-fold double blister and clear folding box.

The other is a series of plastic trays and blister packaging boxes for the purpose of protection, separation, shock resistance and foil. In addition, the packaged goods are mostly electronic devices, IT, industrial production parts and cosmetic products, and the raw materials used are mostly PS plastic sheets (color, anti-static and flocking, etc.). Products include: plastic trays, plastic inner trays, blister packaging boxes, flocking blister, anti-static blister, conductive blister trays, turnover plastic trays, etc.

PET plastic sheet is gradually favored by consumers and producers due to its excellent toughness, high strength, high transparency, recyclability and excellent environmental protection performance that does not produce harmful gases during combustion. It conforms to the trend of environmental protection and is a new absorption Environmentalists for plastic products.

PET plastic sheet roll

Characteristics of PET plastic sheet:

1. It has excellent transparency and smoothness, and has a good display effect.
2. Excellent surface decoration performance, can be printed without surface treatment. It is easy to emboss patterns and metal treatments.
3. It has good mechanical strength.
4. Good oxygen and water vapor barrier properties.
5. Good chemical resistance, can withstand the attack of a variety of chemical substances.
6. Non-toxic, reliable hygienic performance. It can be used to package food, medicine and medical equipment, and can sterilize the packaged items by radiation.
7. It has good adaptability to environmental protection and can be recycled economically and conveniently. When the waste is incinerated, no harmful substances that are harmful to the environment are produced.
8. Good thermoforming performance, comparable to ordinary PVC sheets, and PET thermoforming products with excellent performance can be prepared by vacuum forming. PET sheet is considered to be an ideal packaging material that meets environmental protection requirements.

PET plastic sheet parameters:

PET Sheet Roll Property UNIT Antistatic Silicon Free ESD Conductive
Thickness of Film Tested mm 0.25~1.8 0.25~1.8 0.25~1.8
Width mm 600~ 1400 600~ 1400 600~ 1400
Diameter   300~ 800 300~ 800 300~ 800
Density g/cm3 1.35 1.35 1.35
Haze % 2.0(0.3mm) 2.0(0.3mm) 2.0(0.3mm)
Crystal Temperature (℃) 125 125 125
Meliting Temperature 248 248 248 248
Recrystal Temperature (℃) 181 181 181

We can also make the PET plastic sheet into a foam material with a special compression method at the same time, so that there will be a lot of air between the two layers of material. And since the molecular structure becomes stable after molding, it will not be easily deformed even if it is impacted or squeezed by gravity. Therefore, it can generally be used in the express delivery industry, and can play a good role in protecting express items. And it can also be cut, and the toughness is very good, and it can be processed into any shape with only an ordinary cutting tool.

PET plastic sheets can also be used in the printing industry, such as restaurant menus. Due to its good sensitivity and excellent transparency, it does not require secondary processing during printing. Just print any graphic material you need on the material, and you can observe every detail of it with the naked eye, making it more comfortable to watch. At the same time, it can also play a full anti-aging effect when it is integrated into paper prints, and it will not be easily deformed even if they are pulled together. If the paper with the PET sheet falls into the water, the writing on the surface of the paper is still clear after drying, the paper will not wrinkle easily, and the waterproof function is also very commendable.