About Anti -UV transparent PET plastic sheet

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About Anti -UV transparent PET plastic sheet

Source: shpusite.comPosted On: May 17, 2024

Anti -ultraviolet PET plastic sheet can block ultraviolet light, avoid damage, and extend the service life. Widely used in the packaging of cosmetics, food, electronics, toys, toys, printing and other industries, such as a variety of high -end plastic packaging packaging, folding boxes, rubber tubes, window films, etc.

PET plastic sheets are widely used in many fields such as industry, civilian, and agriculture due to the characteristics of high stretching strength, high elastic modulus, high impact resistance, good cold resistance and heat resistance, and good electrical insulation.

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The field of outdoor building materials has higher requirements for PET plastic sheets. Outdoor, ultraviolet rays in sunlight are the main causes of aging of polymer materials. Polymer materials can absorb ultraviolet rays and cause self -oxidation, leading to polymer degradation. This process is called optical oxidation or light aging.

Although ultraviolet rays account for only about 5 % of the sun, the energy is great. Its energy is enough to destroy the chemical bonds of the polymer, make its molecular chain break, cross -linking, and cause the mechanical properties to be evil. At the same time, the color will change. In the process of transportation and use, its surface is vulnerable to contaminated pollution or scratches, rupture and other injuries. Therefore, it is usually necessary to wrap or cover it on its surface to prevent pollution and damage. These materials that need to be protected, such as plastic, are easily damaged by ultraviolet rays and requires using materials with anti -ultraviolet function.

The existing PET plastic sheet does not have the function of anti -ultraviolet rays, resulting in PET sheets applied under outdoor conditions very easily aging, shortened service life, and further improved the cost of use. Therefore, PET plastic sheets with anti -ultraviolet function were born.

Anti-UV transparent PET plastic sheet is mainly aimed at the long-wave ultraviolet rays (320-400nm) that penetrates the atmosphere in the sun to the ground, which can effectively block more than 98%of ultraviolet light. Anti -UV PET Plastic Sheet is particularly suitable for outdoor product packaging, which can reduce yellow change and performance aging, and extend the service life. PET plastic sheet is environmentally friendly material, which does not produce toxic and harmful gases. It fully meets the level of food hygiene and has passed the US FDA food -grade certification. Anti -UV PET sheets are suitable for the surface of the frame, and outdoor products such as outdoor products that are easy to contact with ultraviolet rays.

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Advantages of UV PET sheets:
● Excellent transparency and brightness.
● High -resistant chemical products.
● High impact strength and anti -fracture.
● It can be formed without any pre -drying.
● Excellent fire resistance.
● Recycled, completely flammable, and do not emit toxic substances.
● Excellent product of medical mask-PPE mask.

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